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Eric O'Neill

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Eric O’Neill is a practicing attorney who specializes in cyber security vulnerability assessments, counterintelligence and counterterrorism operations, investigations into economic espionage, internal investigations and security risk assessment consulting. Mr. O’Neill served as an operative for the F.B.I., where he conducted national security field operations against terrorists and foreign intelligence agents. His role in the investigation and capture of the most notorious spy in United States history, Robert Phillip Hanssen, became the subject of Universal Studio’s movie Breach, released to critical acclaim in 2007.

Mr. O’Neill has broad legal experience in the areas of homeland security, border protection, risk and liability mitigation for anti-terrorism technologies, national security related matters and federal investigations of United States citizens and foreign nationals. Mr. O’Neill has provided counsel and litigation services on a range of legal and investigative matters, including due diligence for mergers and acquisitions, procurement fraud, internal investigations of companies and employee corruption cases. Mr. O’Neill is an accomplished public speaker who lectures internationally about security issues.


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Recent Articles by Eric O'Neill

The Future of Cybersecurity Is in the Cloud

March 14, 2018


Eric O'Neill

For decades we have feared the cloud.  During my time working counterintelligence for the FBI, we feared the Internet so much that agency computers fu...

In Cybersecurity, the Fastest Decision Maker Wins...

February 2, 2018


Eric O'Neill

During the Korean War, John Boyd, an Air Force pilot and military strategist, studied why the F-86 Sabre was so successful in shooting down the Russia...

Nuclear War Isn’t North Korea’s Only Threat

October 17, 2017


Eric O'Neill

(Editor’s Note: This opinion piece originally appeared on


North Korea has launched 22 missiles in 15 tests in 2017.


According to US intellige...

Lifehacker Interview: HOW I WORK I'm Eric O'Neill,...

August 2, 2017





Better CyberSecurity to Outrun the Bear

February 18, 2016


Eric O'Neill

By Eric O'Neill:


Advising clients is sometimes like the old joke about how to outrun a bear – make sure you are faster than the other guy.  Cybersecur...

The 30-year-old law holding back the Internet

November 13, 2015


Eric O'Neill

By Eric O’Neill


The year was 1986. Nintendo had just released the original Zelda. Microsoft, then on Windows 1.0, offered its shares publicly for the...

No silver bullet solution to credit card fraud

May 13, 2015

Word is out that banks and retailers are racing to meet an October 2015 deadline for U.S. retailers to accept new “chip" credit cards.  The cards are...

The Trusted Insider: How Espionage Feeds the Chine...

June 9, 2014


Eric M. O'Neill

Click this link to download Eric O'Neill's White Paper on the Trusted Insider problem:


The most critical asset of any organization is intellectual pro...

Iranian Threat to US Power Companies

May 24, 2013


Eric O'Neill

Below is an article from the Wall Street Journal reporting on recent attacks by Tehran on our oils and gas companies.  The cyber attacks have probed,...

Eric O'Neill's Appearance on CNN to Discuss the US...

May 15, 2013


Eric O'Neill

See Eric discuss the recent detention of a US Embassy official accused of being a CIA spy by the Russian security service.  Eric opines that the deten...

Russia Plays a Rough Hand in the Spy Game

May 14, 2013


Eric O'Neill

Russia's security services have detained a U.S. diplomat who they claim is a CIA agent caught in the process of recruiting a Russian agent.  The diplo...

Cleveland Kidnapping and Rescue: Eric's Thoughts o...

May 9, 2013

Click below to see my interview with Dan Matheson on CTV's Morning Express regarding the Cleveland Ohio kidnappings.  During the interview, we scrutin...

Department of Defense Analyzes China's Military an...

May 7, 2013


Eric O'Neill

America’s Department of Defense has released its annual report on China’s military capabilities. The report states that an essential element of China'...

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