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Case Studies

We are experts at uncovering, analyzing, and synthesizing multiple streams of information into actionable strategic intelligence using information that is not publicly available or easily accessible. Our tactical intelligence capabilities have enabled law firms, corporations, government contractors and individuals to remain competitive and informed when it is most crucial.  We have created a network of domestic and international sources in government, the intelligence community, journalism, law enforcement and financial institutions that allows us access to the most useful source of information, human intelligence.

Executive Protection and Extraction Plan in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Security: Inner-City Housing Project

The Georgetown Group was engaged to provide security protection, local cultural consulting, business facilitation assistance, dedicated car and driver support and a crisis management and extraction plan to a United States-based corporation sending a team to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  The client assembled a team of executives who would travel to and from the Kingdom over a one-year period.  Our assessment found that regional instability and threats against Westerners had prompted the State Department to issue a travel advisory warning against kidnapping attempts.  Our vulnerability assessment determined that any one of a number of geopolitical events in the Arab world could quickly threaten the Kingdom’s internal security and stability in a way that could turn anti-American, thereby posing a threat to the client’s team.  In order to mitigate the security risk, we developed a full extraction plan and security handbook, provided escape routes and dedicated drivers and security professionals, and trained all personnel in emergency procedures to include hibernating in place at a safe house and rapid transit by plane or vehicle out of the conflict zone.  During the year engagement, the Georgetown Group also leveraged our local assets to provide business and cultural consulting and make key introductions to Saudi dignitaries to further our client’s work in the Kingdom.

The Georgetown Group was engaged to conduct a physical security assessment and develop an implementation plan for an inner-city housing complex in a high-crime area of Washington DC.  An outbreak of violent crime in the area surrounding the assessment site prompted our client to seek expert help in examining the housing development’s vulnerability to similar violent crime, interview the residents to develop a matrix of concerns, and propose a security plan that would mitigate current and potential crime and other safety concerns.  Our assessment accounted for existing security measures including perimeter security, parking concerns, common and open areas, an inspection of lighting conditions, interviews with a variety of residents to understand past security incidents and concerns, an evaluation of the currently installed physical security systems (doors, locks, cameras and fences), and a review of the operational guard security force that was under contract.  The Georgetown Group then developed a comprehensive security assessment and recommendations for enhancing and refreshing security to optimal standards.  In our subsequent implementation plan, we crafted a solution that prioritized critical security needs at the same time we accounted for a realistic budget.  Some of our solutions included reinforcing doors to certain residences, integrating an RFID card system for residents, expanding camera coverage of the campus, replacing the guard service company, and establishing and training the residents on a neighborhood watch system.

Background Investigation Reveals Criminal Past

An executive was under consideration for a new position as chief executive officer with a Fortune 500 company. Over the course of his career, he had worked for many leading companies and had an impeccable reputation in the media and his industry. The background check was initiated as a formality with little expectation that anything derogatory would be found. His address history was traced back for many years and criminal record checks were conducted in each jurisdiction. One check discovered a criminal record for assault and battery. We also discovered that he had filed a motion with the court within a few days of his interview with the prospective employer to have the criminal record expunged. Our client withdrew its offer of employment.

Fraud Investigation Leads to Caribbean Island

A company discovered that one of its senior officers had been demanding kickbacks from a vendor totaling several million dollars. The officer admitted stealing the money, but claimed that he had spent all of it.

An examination of the his corporate cell phone, fax, FedEx, travel, and email records found a link to an island in the Caribbean known as an offshore tax haven.  A search of the island’s property records found that he and his wife purchased several condominiums on the island. We interviewed the manager of the condominium who provided a great deal of new information, including the fact that a restaurant owned by the same person burned down under questionable circumstances and that his insurance company had reimbursed him more than $500,000 for the loss. We also discovered that he owned a car rental agency and several other island businesses. This information was presented to the U.S. Department of Justice who demanded that he forfeit these assets as part of a plea bargain.

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