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Monitoring and Influencing Media

The Georgetown Group employs a campaign style approach to public affairs, influencing traditional media (television, newspapers and radio) as well as new media (Internet-based news, blogs and microblogs) in order to manage coverage and place high-impact content in an advantageous way for our clients. The Georgetown Group provides crisis communication strategies and responses for our clients regarding fraud, litigation, and breaches of trust or security. Whether placing strategic content in the media or developing and executing crisis management plans, The Georgetown Group protects our clients’ reputations.

Crisis Communications Research

Crisis communications research is a comprehensive background investigation on an individual or group filtered through a political lens. It is a central component of any well-managed political campaign and plays a crucial role in helping political strategists develop a campaign’s tone and message. In each opposition research project we undertake, we apply our experienced political acumen that has been developed over years of hands-on work with campaigns at the local, state, and national level. The Georgetown Group is also adept at conducting vulnerability research. Vulnerability research is utilized by political campaigns to screen their own candidates for potential liabilities. It is a proactive tool for crafting responses in advance of media inquiries or negative advertising by the opposition. In addition to political campaigns, The Georgetown Group has conducted opposition and vulnerability research on behalf of public relations firms, lobbyists, and trade associations.

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