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Our Expertise

The world today presents challenges that require innovative strategies and effective solutions. The Georgetown Group solves these complex challenges by combining cutting-edge technological resources, a wealth of legal and law enforcement experience, and an international network of trusted sources.

We are experts at uncovering, analyzing, and synthesizing multiple streams of information into actionable strategic intelligence using information that is not publicly available or easily accessible. Our tactical intelligence capabilities have enabled law firms, corporations, government contractors and individuals to remain competitive and informed when it is most crucial.  We have created a network of domestic and international sources in government, the intelligence community, journalism, law enforcement and financial institutions that allows us access to the most useful source of information, human intelligence.

We conduct vulnerability assessments and implementation plans that examine a large number of  security factors to physically protect your assets, mitigate security concerns and reduce liability to your organization.

Our executive protection services allow you to carry out your business with confidence while we ensure your safety.  Our executive protection professionals are trained to address every threat with the appropriate and least aggressive response. 

We conduct a comprehensive analysis of your network and information control practices, a review of intellectual property and information protection policies, computer forensics and information systems monitoring. 

We develop a customized incident response strategy that addresses not only the external hacking and social engineering risks, but addresses internal vulnerabilities from the disgruntled employee to a spy in your organization.


We conduct full background investigations for current employees and potential hires, business partners, and subcontractors by examining a large number of areas at the federal, state and local and international level

Our background investigations allow your organization to trust key individuals, prevent the "trusted insider threat" and mitigate catastrophic loss due to espionage and disgruntled employees.

We protect our clients from potential fraud and unsafe investments before acquisitions, hires, or other business transactions by examining the backgrounds and relationships of organizations and individuals to uncover any potential risks to our clients’ bottom lines and reputations.


We have the requisite experience and skills to investigate and document fraud. We work closely with our clients that may have crucial evidence of an executive’s malfeasance on computer, cell phone, fax machine and shipping records.

From tracing stolen assets to the Carribean that were used to purchase local businesses and homes to identifying hidden or offshore companies set up by executives, we are adept at protecting your critical assets.

We employ a campaign style approach to public affairs by influencing traditional media (television, newspapers and radio) as well as new media (Internet-based news, blogs and microblogs) in order to place high-impact content in an advantageous way for our clients.

We provides crisis communication strategies and responses for our clients regarding fraud, litigation and breaches of trust or security in order to protect the reputations of our clients.

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