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Tom Alioto

Analecta LLC

Tom Alioto is an information security specialist with over 20 years experience in Network Architecture, high-security systems administration and critical DoD infrastructure and networks throughout the information systems life cycle.
Throughout his career, Mr. Alioto has led teams and programs architecting, securing, and managing a variety of secure network infrastructures from inception through certification and accreditation.  Each network receiving full certification, or Authority to Operate (ATO).
Mr. Alioto consulted for an educational television pilot showcasing common methods of network and facility exploitation in the fall of 2012.
In 2007, Mr. Alioto led a team of network engineers and system administrators that were the first team to reach the esteemed goal of the Department of Navy’s standard for a “Zero Vulnerability” network. He established automated procedures for keeping the network secure and this led to the ability to immediately remediate any newly discovered threats.
Tom Alioto holds the following certifications:


Certified Information Security Specialist Professional (CISSP)

Microsoft’s Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE)

CompTIA’s Security+.


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