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The Georgetown Group is an investigative and security services firm with a proven track record of finding information that gives our clients a competitive advantage. We conduct due diligence to help our clients make sound decisions before making an acquisition or adding a business partner. We conduct comprehensive background investigations on prospective employees and executives. The information gathered for use at all stages of litigation makes the difference between our clients winning and losing a legal dispute. The Georgetown Group works closely with public relations firms to help them gather and disseminate critical information to support their clients. Our security consulting services identify, address, and minimize potential threats.

By leveraging decades of investigative and security experience accumulated by its partners, The Georgetown Group has developed an ability to find information not readily available elsewhere. We listen closely to our clients to make sure their priorities, which can often change, are our priorities.

Our clients trust The Georgetown Group to handle their most sensitive issues discreetly, professionally, and effectively. Earning and keeping this trust is our most important concern.

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After a long wait, World War II spy service honore...

2 Apr 2018

In February 1945, Billings, flying on behalf of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the World War II-era precursor to the CIA, signed up for what...

Nuclear War Isn’t North Korea’s Only Threat

17 Oct 2017

(Editor’s Note: This opinion piece originally appeared on


North Korea has launched 22 missiles in 15 tests in 2017.


According to US intellige...

In Cybersecurity, the Fastest Decision Maker Wins...

2 Feb 2018

During the Korean War, John Boyd, an Air Force pilot and military strategist, studied why the F-86 Sabre was so successful in shooting down the Russia...

A female spy finally gets the recognition she dese...

6 Jun 2016

By Petula Dvorak, Washington Post Columnist

Stephanie Czech Rader finally got what was rightly hers at the Old Post Chapel at Fort Myer on Wednesday,...

Better CyberSecurity to Outrun the Bear

18 Feb 2016

By Eric O'Neill:


Advising clients is sometimes like the old joke about how to outrun a bear – make sure you are faster than the other guy.  Cybersecur...

Jedi Knights wanted for fight against IS

22 Dec 2015

By Charles Pinck



Give Thanks for the OSS

3 Dec 2015

By Charles Pinck


What do attorney James Donovan (portrayed by Tom Hanks in “Bridge of Spies”), the “French Chef” Julia Child, Virginia Hall (the only...

The 30-year-old law holding back the Internet

13 Nov 2015

By Eric O’Neill


The year was 1986. Nintendo had just released the original Zelda. Microsoft, then on Windows 1.0, offered its shares publicly for the...

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