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The Georgetown Group

The Georgetown Group is a risk consultancy and competitive intelligence firm. We conduct due diligence investigations, litigation investigative support, public relations research, and cybersecurity threat research and training to help our clients empower trust. Our focus is on delivering reliable information and analysis to support informed decision-making and mitigate risks.

Our Services

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Our background investigations allow your organization to trust key individuals, prevent the trusted insider threat and mitigate catastrophic loss due to espionage and disgruntled employees.


Diligence investigations protect our clients from fraud and unsafe investments before acquisitions, hires, or business transactions. We assist attorneys and companies in litigation to discover asymmetric intelligence that wins legal cases.

Cyber Security

We develop a customized incident response strategy that addresses not only the external hacking and social engineering risks, but addresses internal vulnerabilities from the disgruntled employee to a spy in your organization

Why Choose The Georgetown Group?

Comprehensive Investigations

At The Georgetown Group, we specialize in conducting thorough investigations to provide our clients with the information they need to make informed decisions. Our team is dedicated to uncovering the truth and delivering accurate results.

Discrete, Expert Consultation

Our clients trust The Georgetown Group to handle their most sensitive issues discreetly, professionally, and effectively. Earning and keeping this trust is our most important concern.

Professional Team

With a team of skilled professionals, The Georgetown Group ensures the highest standards of service and integrity. Our consultants and investigators bring decades of expertise from diverse backgrounds to deliver exceptional results.

Trust is an uncommon commodity, knowledge is the greatest weapon.

Empower Your Decisions

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