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The world today presents challenges that require innovative strategies and effective solutions. The Georgetown Group solves these complex challenges by combining cutting-edge technological resources, a wealth of legal and law enforcement experience, and an international network of trusted sources.

We are experts at uncovering, analyzing, and synthesizing multiple streams of information into actionable strategic intelligence using information that is not publicly available or easily accessible. Our tactical intelligence capabilities have enabled law firms, corporations, government contractors and individuals to remain competitive and informed when it is most crucial.  We have created a network of domestic and international sources in government, the intelligence community, journalism, law enforcement and financial institutions that allows us access to the most useful source of information: human intelligence.

Blue Background

A comprehensive background investigation is key to sound business decisions. More often than not, when a background investigation is not initiated before a business relationship has been initiated, facts later come to light that can cause serious legal and public relations problems.

We empower our clients with critical information before acquisitions, new hires, and other business transactions by examining the backgrounds and relationships of organizations and individuals to uncover any potential risks to our clients’ bottom lines and reputations. 

Companies often fail to examine security until they are placed in a pressure situation.  The Georgetown Group applies years of cybersecurity expertise to assess your vulnerabilities and implement sound practices and training that protect your most sensitive data.


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